What is Engineering Education? A Foundation

What is Engineering Education? Engineering Education as a FoundationAuthor Meagan Ross, in a poignant metaphor, describes an education in engineering as the ultimate foundation. Through personal reflection  of her own experiences in engineering education, she inserts the work of Louis Buccarelli, the National Academy of Engineering Reports related to Engineering Education, and the Svinicki & Dixon modified Kolb model to craft a beautiful image of education.

In four key points, Meagan Ross, maps out how to first plot a foundation in with engineering education, then find the bricks you you need to build the foundation, apply mortar to bind your foundation made of Sand (Experience), Cement (Critical Thinking, Cognitive Growth), Water (Soft Skills), and finally, the author proposes that you can transform your foundation in engineering education to a launching pad for future success.

For inspiration as your student chooses a education path, encouragement along your journey in an engineering education, or reflection on your life’s experiences, this brief article can inspire and motivate.

  1. I need something to stand on. PLOTTING A FOUNDATION
  2. What do I build the foundation with? FINDING THE BRICKS YOU NEED
  3. How do I securely arrange the bricks? APPLYING MORTAR THAT BINDS
    Sand (Experience), Cement (Critical Thinking, Cognitive Growth), Water (Soft Skills)
  4. Isn’t this more than just a foundation? TRANSFORMATION TO A LAUNCHING PAD

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